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Be more than an accountant—be a trusted advisor

It seems everywhere we look, the accounting industry is telling us the CPA should be a “trusted advisor.” It can feel daunting though to worry about being proactive and insightful when you’re also juggling tax deadlines and working with inaccurate or missing accounting records..

Cleaning up said records to give good advice is another story: Too often, the expensive CPA team spends precious tax-season hours fixing the records, only to have the client complain…after you already discounted it! The relationship is jeopardized, leaving you wishing you or your team had been working on projects the client sees as more valuable and worthy of full rates.

The client wants an advisor. But you can’t be an advisor without more time and clean, accessible records.

As a CPA firm that serves other CPAs, we understand. We can assist with everything from cleaning up your client’s business records to full cycle accounting. We will deliver the reporting you need in a collaborative and predictable way. You be the trusted advisor and let us support you. Have no concern about us stepping on your turf; we know better than to bite the hand that feeds us.

With expertise in the dental, professional services, construction and real estate industries, we know how the records should look and when they are needed. Our proactive approach delivers what you need, when you need it.

We will work with you to tailor a work plan that fits your needs. Tasks that we can take on include:


  • Development and maintenance of standard operating procedures for the accounting department
  • QuickBooks consultation, set-up, training, and support
  • Accounting cleanup
  • Accounting systems automation and streamlining
  • Full cycle accounting
  • Month-end closing and reporting
  • Forecasting and budgets to actual
  • Accounting data analytics
  • Year-end workpaper preparation for independent audits or reviews

Let us know how we can help you be a trusted advisor, not just an accountant. Contact us today.