If You’re a Driven Professional Who Values Relationships and Isn’t Afraid to Think Differently About Accounting, You’re In The Right Place.

Benefits we offer

You can bet we offer health and dental insurance (employee covered, 100%), short-term disability, life insurance, 401(k) with an employer match, a home office allowance, and unlimited PTO (yes, really). You’ll also get to work when you want (many of us prefer a lighter workload in the summer), to celebrate all federal holidays and two “office closed” weeks, sponsored professional development, paid professional association dues, membership to our on-site fitness center, and a bonus program tied to your goals.

One thing you won’t get? An unattainable annual hours goal. Ours is less than the industry standard, as is our Team turnover rate.

These are great, sure, but we think the biggest benefit you get at Hare is autonomy. You get to take your career to the level you want it to be—not where anyone else thinks it should be. We make sure you have the freedom and financial support you need to take the time to increase your knowledge, and a diverse range of projects to help you find your niche. To a certain degree, you are your own boss. You make your own schedule and drive your career.

Seeing your coworkers become better versions of themselves only pushes you to do the same. We find it extremely rewarding to see everyone grow together as a team, and as a firm. Our job is to give you a secure space—to keep you from worrying about your financial future, health, and work-life balance. In other words, we’ve got you covered.

Brian Hare CPA

“We give everyone equal respect and stay open minded with an appreciation for different points of view. We believe a safe space where you can always be your complete, authentic self leads to greater innovation, morale, and productivity.”

“We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.”

– Brian Hare, Shareholder & Chief Visionary

Hare Academy

Continuous learning is one of the most important things in life. This is especially true within the accounting industry. It takes years of learning, coaching, and practical experience to become an expert in our trade. We formed Hare Academy for two reasons: 1) to empower our team members in continuously building their careers, and 2) to provide our clients with highly trained professionals.

Hare Academy provides 80+ hours of training each year, including 45 days of training to new professionals. Training focuses on the ever-changing tax and accounting standards as well as skill development in the following areas: business acumen, technology, management, and leadership. Instruction methods include books, webinars, and external seminars.

Hare Academy also offers two certificate programs for our specializations:

  1. Hare Certified Dental CPA
  2. Hare Certified Construction CPA

We invest in the best resources—training, technology, and a library of resources—to set you up for success. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our “Career Navigator” program, which aligns firm and team member goals to create win-wins.

Culture @ Hare

We work hard for our clients, and we have fun doing it. Whether it be a gathering over a team breakfast prepared by the firm’s directors, meeting for weekly team lunches, sipping a cocktail over happy hour, or enjoying a ballgame together, we set aside time to bond. We firmly believe: The team that plays together, stays together.

A good balance of hard work and fun is important to each and every one of us. Many of us choose to be present—we simply enjoy each other’s company.

During busy season, when we head into work knowing a big day lies ahead, it’s reassuring to know we’re not alone. We support each other through thick and thin, whether it’s encouraging a team member to pursue a personal interest to covering for someone taking their high-school senior on a spring break trip. When you join Hare, you join a family.

We want to work with clients and team members who see the bigger picture.

We want to work with clients and team members who are honest, hard-working, fun-loving, and have integrity when no one else is around. Most important, we want to surround ourselves with people who are passionate about the bigger picture—those who see the work they do as helping others build financial security and provide opportunity.

Jennifer Springer - HARE CPAS

“Working for Hare CPAs has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my career. The professionals are not only knowledgeable and competent, but they are also a team. We all build each other up and by doing so we are the best people in our profession that we can be, because we have each other. I work harder because I want to make my team to be proud. An environment like this is priceless.”

– Jennifer Springer, Executive Assistant

Emma Harrison

“Working for Hare has been great! I enjoy how close the staff is with one another. It feels like they are my family. We all get along well, and it makes coming to work much more enjoyable. It is nice to know I can rely on them for anything work or personal related.”

– Emma Harrison, Associate

Ryan Burke

“At Hare, we go above and beyond the annual continued professional education requirements. Hare handles all educational expenses regarding CPE. Each member of our team is encouraged to find a specific topic that interests him or her, and to take the extra time to research and learn that subject so that he or she can become an expert. The partners at Hare have always been available to me for questions and mentoring—not just in accounting, but for my life, too.”

– Ryan Burke, Manager