What We Offer

Business Owners

Running a business is a 24/7 responsibility. Worrying about your taxes or financial data shouldn’t be.

At Hare, we dig into the minutiae of the numbers so you can focus on the work you love. From helping you plan for and reduce income taxes to strategizing your entity structure, we give you forward-thinking guidance that keeps you moving ahead.

Office Manager / Controller / CFO

In today’s businesses, Office Managers, Controllers and CFOs are viewed as some of the most highly valued organizational leaders—and are accountable for much more than the finance.

As such, time becomes your most valuable resource. With more of it, you could focus on activities that make a difference. You know, the ones where you aren’t getting bogged down by tactical day-to-day minutiae or training someone only to have them leave right when they finally grasped the concept.

Other CPA Firms

It seems everywhere we look, the accounting industry is telling us the CPA should be a “trusted advisor.” It can feel daunting, though, to worry about being proactive and insightful when you’re up against tax deadlines and your clients’ messy accounting and missing records.

Cleaning up said records to give good advice is another story: Too often, the expensive CPA team spends precious tax-season hours fixing the records, only to have the client complain about the bill…after you already discounted it! The relationship is jeopardized, leaving you wishing you or your team had been working on projects the client sees as more valuable and worthy of full rates.

“Hello there, This is Kristin from Ideal Millwork. I wanted to let you know that you have an awesome employee. With everything going on in the world today it’s nice to hear the good stuff! Ryan is very helpful, understanding and patient. He did not make me feel inadequate with what I was trying to accomplish. He is a five star team mate. Thanks so much! ”

Kristin Dombrowski

“Hare CPAs is much more than just a great tax and financial services company. We were with them for over 25 years. At our request, they became a valued member of our business operational management team. They helped us with numerous business challenges such as complex Corporate, Local, State, Federal, International and Personal tax filings. Their year-end work is always excellent. They often advise us on all types of issues (growing pains and personal) that most closely-held family businesses (S-Corp) face. We recently sold our business to a large Fortune 500 company. Hare CPAs joined our transaction team and were valued contributors to the successful execution of what turned out to be a very sophisticated business transaction. When it comes to interviewing, selecting and hiring an accounting firm to help you maintain (and more importantly) grow your business, we truly believe you will not find a better resource than the people at Hare CPAs & Business Advisors. ”


Manufacturing & Engineering Firm

“As a first-time business owner, it was important for us to find a knowledgeable CPA that could advise us as well as provide accurate accounting services. Hare CPAs takes a personal interest in our business. They played an integral role in the process of purchasing the business from our former partners.”


National Pizza Franchise Owner

“Hare CPAs isn’t just an accounting service – they are our business consultants as well.”

Business Owner

Asphalt Company

“I rely on referrals when looking for professional service providers, so I looked to my network when I was ready for a CPA firm. Professionals at Hare CPAs think like business owners, so they provide so much more than tax or accounting services.  They are able to step into the shoes of the owner and make a difference from inside the walls.  Every team member at Hare CPAs & Business Advisors is friendly yet professional; they care about us as people, not just as clients.    ”


Service Industry