IRS Warning Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Claims Too Good to be True

by | Mar 27, 2023

In the list of tax scams, the IRS has spotlighted Employee Retention Credits following blatant attempts by promoters to con ineligible people to claim the credit. Promotors, are blasting ads on radio and the internet promising refunds involving Employee Retention Credits (ERCs)

“The aggressive marketing of these credits is deeply troubling and a major concern for the IRS,” said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. “Businesses need to think twice before filing for these credits. While the credit has provided a financial lifeline to millions of businesses, there are promoters misleading people and businesses into thinking they can claim these credits.”

The IRS has last fall, warning about this scheme  but there continue to be attempts to claim the ERC during the 2023 tax filing season.



 Eligible taxpayers can claim the ERC on an original or amended employment tax return for qualified wages paid between March 13, 2020 – December 31, 2021.

 To eligible employers must have:

 “Businesses should be wary of advertised schemes and direct solicitations promising tax savings that are too good to be true.” Werfel said. “They should listen to the advice of their trusted tax professional.” [i]

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