Did you receive a balance due notice from the IRS?

by | Aug 24, 2020

Many taxpayers have been receiving a balance due notice from the IRS even though they sent in their tax payments to the IRS months ago.

At one point, the IRS had approximately 12 million pieces of unopened correspondence in its inventory. Despite this unprocessed mail, the IRS reportedly has been sending a balance due notice to taxpayers whose correspondence and payments remain unopened. Therefore, many of the taxpayers receiving these notices already have made the payments that the IRS seeks, it has simply not been opened yet.

Last week, the IRS said it would post the payment as of the date it was received rather than the date when it was finally opened and processed.

Taxpayers shouldn’t cancel the checks they have sent and should ensure funds continue to be available so the IRS can process them. Taxpayers should also know that they may still receive this balance due notice in the coming weeks. You can read the statement the IRS announced on their website on August 21st here.

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