Skyler McCurry

Executive Assistant

In addition to her part-time position at Hare CPA, Skyler is a full-time student at the University of Michigan-Flint where she is studying Human Resource Management. She is excited about the opportunity to acquire professional experience at the firm and enjoys being part of a fast-paced and supportive work environment. 

As someone who likes to be challenged, Skyler is quick to learn new things. She especially appreciates the firm’s commitment to coaching employees and helping them improve their skills. Skyler has already become the firm’s go-to person for client questions about processing returns. What makes the job even better is getting to work with her aunt, Jennifer Springer.

Between her work at the firm and studies at college, Skyler doesn’t have much downtime, but she’s okay with that. When she does get a break, she enjoys hanging out with friends and trying new things. Otherwise, she likes to keep busy and build her reputation as a hard worker who is always willing to help.