Dominic Orlando


Dominic is a student at Walsh College, pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Upon graduating in 2025, he will be working towards earning his CPA. 

Working under pressure, adaptability, and reading a room are among Dominic’s strengths. He thrives in high-pressure situations, where he can think on his feet and find efficient solutions. What excites Dominic the most about Hare CPAs is the chance to work under the guidance of someone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Observing how a successful business is run and being a part of a team that drives growth and success is truly inspiring.

Outside of work, Dominic is passionate about two things: real estate and scriptwriting. Real estate has always fascinated him, and he aspires to explore this field further in the future. Additionally, he finds joy and creativity in writing scripts, allowing him to express his imagination and storytelling abilities.

Dominic is deeply committed to volunteer activities and nonprofits. One organization that is close to his heart is the Innocence Project, which works to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and criminal justice reform. Dominic believes in the importance of justice and ensuring that innocent individuals are not wrongly imprisoned.

Ultimately, Dominic hopes to be remembered as a strong and hardworking entrepreneur who not only achieved personal success, but also played a role in setting up his family and friends for financial success.